Eco Electrics - Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why do I need an Electrician? I can add a plug socket or switch myself.
A Using a qualified electrician for additions or alterations to your electrical installation ensures all aspects of the work are fully tested and compliant with British Standard BS 7671, the electrical wiring regulations.

Q I want to change the electric shower in my bathroom. Can my friend who is good with electrics do this for me?
A The bathroom in your house is classified as a special location. Additional rules govern where and what can be installed. Your qualified electrician will ensure the installation is compliant.

Q How do I know that the electrical installation in my house is safe?
A The wiring in a normal house should be Inspected and Tested at set intervals by an electrician qualified and insured to Inspect and Test your house. You will be issued with a report confirming the installation, together with any recommendations or faults that need attention.

Q When should I have the electrical installation tested?
A Different locations should be inspected and tested at different intervals. Normally a domestic property should be inspected and tested at intervals specified by the designer or the last inspector. The fixed wiring should be inspected and tested when a property changes hands.

Q How can I tell if my property needs to be rewired?
A Without a proper inspection it is difficult to say. If the wiring in your house is grey PVC twin and earth, it should be OK. Older, rubber sheathed cable is more susceptible to degradation. If your property has a fuse board with wire fuses, there are newer safer options that incorporated RCD protection and more reliable MCB circuit breakers.

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