Eco Electrics Networks - Wired and Wireless

Data Networking

The ability to use a computer on a network in your home or office is integral to getting the most from your internet connection, computer, printer and other peripherals.

Wireless Network

Most internet service providers supply a wireless 'router' to give you connection to the internet without the need to be connected with cables. However, there are some drawbacks to a wireless network. Some areas in a property can have a weak wireless signal, leaving a user with a much slower or non-existent wireless signal. Not being able to use your computer, smartphone, tablet or other wireless enabled device can be hugely frustrating.

Wired Network

A router can also support a 'wired' network. A wired network will generally support a much faster transfer of data than a wireless network. This is great if you move data, films or music between computers.


Did you know that you can use your computer as an entertainment 'hub'? Using a wired or wireless network can provide a range of options for sending music, films and streamed TV around your house.

Eco Electrics can provide complete networking solutions for your home or workspace. Subject to your requirements, this can include Cat 5e data cabling, additions to your existing wireless network, utilising other cables in your property to carry data, or a combination of the above.


Satisfied customer, Lynne quoted:

I had begun to despair that I would be able to use my laptop, iPhone and iPad in rooms other than my office. Installing cables around the house was not an option because it is a recently decorated old barn with thick stone walls. My wireless printer would not work, even in the office, my backup system would not work, basically I had a one room wireless network and not in the room I wanted to use it.

I had tried to get 'expert' help, but the IT 'geeks' could not make anything work properly. Jerry from Eco Electrics came round to do a small electrical job and I mentioned this to him. He looked at the problem and very quickly came up with a solution to answer all my network problems.

Not only that, but the solution also meant that I could have music all over my house, from whichever computer I wanted. I can even control it all from my iPhone and iPad.